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Welcome to Holistic Movement's blog!

Here you will find a whole host of articles with easy-to-understand and actionable information on health, fitness, and well-being topics. 

Bear with us as we build up our library of articles for you to browse. In the meantime, we want to share some of our plans with you.


We will be breaking down Pilates; giving you background information on what Pilates actually is and how it came to be. Writing tutorials and posting Youtube videos of both pre-Pilates and classical exercises along with hints and tips on how to build sequences and more.

The internet is through with terrible - and oftentimes with undisclosed bias - information on diet and nutrition. Dave will be writing multiple series of articles breaking down what common terms mean, understanding macro and micronutrients, along with making sense of government guidelines and what the nutrient values of some of your favorite foods are.

We will also be stepping into the resistance training world to again help you to help yourself. Dave will be sharing with you some of what he does with his Personal Training clients along with the reasoning behind it and the associated benefits.

As we stated on our home page, should you have a request for an article please do get in touch and let us know.

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