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Embark on a Holistic Pilates Teacher Training Course

Are you passionate about Pilates and looking to turn your love for this holistic exercise system into a rewarding career? Or even just deepen your existing knowledge then look no further than Holistic Movement's Pilates Teacher Training course. Designed to meet the highest standards in the industry, this internationally recognised program is accredited at level 3 by Active IQ; a global leader in health and fitness education. With a blended learning approach, combining online modules and in-person sessions, you can pursue your certification with flexibility while receiving expert guidance from our experienced instructors. Let's dive into the course structure, what you will study, and what makes it a remarkable choice for aspiring Pilates teachers.

Anatomy & Physiology: Unveiling the Inner Workings of the Body:

Unit 1 of the Holistic Movement's Pilates Teacher Training course lays a strong foundation by delving into the intricate world of Anatomy & Physiology. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body, including its systems, functions, and movements. From the skeletal structure to muscular interactions, this module equips you with the knowledge necessary to guide clients effectively and ensure their safety during Pilates sessions.

This unit is assessed by an online open-book exam.

Supporting Clients: Empathy, Communication, and Connection:

Unit 2 focuses on developing essential skills to support clients effectively. You will learn to understand how to effectively build healthy working relationships with clients and how to help them overcome their respective barriers to entry. Furthermore, you will delve into SMART goal setting, become aware of methods to identify behavioral change, and learn how to help clients develop their own strategies to stay motivated. These skills are vital in creating a positive and nurturing environment where clients can flourish in their fitness journey, aided by your expertise and care.

This unit is assessed by a worksheet and a client interview.

Health, Safety & Welfare: Ensuring a Secure Pilates Practice:

Unit 3 emphasises the critical aspects of health, safety, and welfare within the Pilates realm. You will grasp the principles of maintaining a safe and secure environment for both yourself and your clients. Understanding risk assessment, injury prevention, emergency procedures, and safeguarding equips you to create a nurturing space where clients can confidently explore the transformative power of Pilates.

This unit is assessed by a worksheet.

Principles of Fitness, Exercise & Health: Balancing the Triad:

Unit 4 deepens your knowledge of the principles that underpin fitness, exercise, and health. You will gain insights into the science behind effective workouts, the benefits of exercise, and the impact of Pilates on overall well-being. Understanding these fundamental principles enables you to design personalised programs that cater to individual needs, helping you to unlock the full potential of your clients.

This unit is assessed by an online open-book exam

Principles of Pilates: A Mind-Body Journey:

Unit 5 illuminates the principles that make Pilates a unique and transformative practice. Through engaging worksheets, you will explore the core concepts of Pilates, including core stability, alignment, breathing, concentration, control, precision and more. These principles serve as the bedrock for guiding clients toward optimal physical and mental well-being, unlocking their full potential through mindful movement.

This unit is assessed by a worksheet

Programming Pilates: Designing Dynamic Sessions:

Unit 6 takes you on a journey of programming Pilates sessions that cater to diverse clients' needs. You will learn how to create dynamic and effective class plans that follow a logical format and address individual goals, abilities, and limitations. This module empowers you to design personalised programs that provide clients with a well-rounded Pilates experience, fostering progress and transformation.

This unit is assessed through client interviews, group profiles, class plans, and a worksheet.

Instructing Pilates: Becoming a Confident Guide (120 words):

Unit 7, the final stage of the Pilates Teacher Training course, focuses on honing your practical teaching skills. You will have the opportunity to put all of the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course into action and refine your instructional techniques. Under the guidance of experienced instructors Tamara Ledesma and Dave Deary, who bring their extensive expertise and passion to the table, you will gain invaluable insights and feedback to become a confident and skilled Pilates instructor.

This unit is assessed through summative observed teaching and self-evaluation.

Embarking on Holistic Movement's Pilates Teacher Training course is not just a step towards a rewarding career; it's an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. With its internationally recognised accreditation, blended learning approach, and a comprehensive curriculum, this program provides you with the tools and knowledge to make a real difference in people's lives through the power of Pilates.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking for a career change or an aspiring instructor seeking to deepen your expertise, Holistic Movement's Pilates Teacher Training course is your gateway to unlocking your potential and becoming a skilled and compassionate Pilates teacher.

Embark on this incredible journey of blended online learning which culminates in a 10-day immersive learning experience in Mallorca and join the ranks of certified Pilates instructors who are making a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

If you would like to discuss the course in further detail please feel free to email us on

Tam & Dave

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