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Personalised yoga

€ 55.00

1 Hour


Yoga in Colonia de sant Jordi

Looking for a way to improve your flexibility, strength, and balance? Or maybe you're looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety. If so, yoga classes in Colonia de Sant Jordi may be just what you're looking for.


Yoga is a mind-body practice that has a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved flexibility

  • Increased strength

  • Better balance

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved sleep

  • Boosted mood

  • Enhanced immune system


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  • Colonia de Sant Jordi

  • flexibility

  • strength

  • balance

  • stress relief

  • anxiety relief

  • sleep improvement

  • mood improvement

  • immune system boost

You can email us at:

Call, text or WhatsApp :  0034711011184 or 00447731791340

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