As a mindful mover, I love to work in different ways. I love using props, equipment, hear different cues, feel different perspectives..


I remember the first time I went on a Pilates Reformer.... I was hooked. The way I felt my body and connected my core as well as activated different areas was like nothing before! After training with Balanced Body in california, I not long after bought my own Balanced Body Reformer and the sessions soon picked up with everyone feeling the benefits. Now our machine has followed us over to Spain where we have just finished our studio for it and I can’t wait to spread the Reformer love with those around us!

With love,



The yin of our Holistic Movement duo 


Introductory offer:

3 Reformer sessions for €75 - (Saving up to €45!)

One off - €40

3 sessions - €110 

5 sessions - €165 

Contact us on or on 711011184 to book and take another step towards a stronger core and connection.

0034 711011184

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