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Built on the foundation that everybody is somebody, we encourage body positivity and aim to bring you the tools to deal with whatever cards you are dealt. We provide you with the supportive network to really make a difference to your health & wellbeing, to help to you to grow week after week and see the growth you are really capable of. 


Our classes incorporate imagery techniques that calm the mind and reduce stress levels. Through the practice of being present with the exercises, you leave feeling connected and feeling like you've had a great workout.

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Holistic Movement is the partnership of Tamara Sanchez & Dave Deary, proud parents of  Maia. Both of us are Pilates instructors with Tamara also being a Yoga teacher & Reiki Master and Dave being a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Adviser. Holistic Movement have a good understanding of all-round health & wellness.

We love helping people to gain a better understanding of their body and learn to care for it themselves. Taking the time to get to know each individual that we help in some way is at the heart of how we choose to approach our work, our passion.

Excitedly we are able to announce that plans are afoot to launch the second cohort of students on our Active IQ Pilates Teacher Training programme! Keep your eyes out for our social media (links at the bottom) for announcement of the next starting date.

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