I’m Tamara. A Spanglish dreamer and trained Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and trainer, and healthy foodie. I am a lover of learning, a sharer of knowledge and a seeker of adventures.


I love embracing life. I love seeking out new adventures and being in nature with those close to me. I love to challenge myself and expand my horizons. I love being inspired by places and faces and being the source of inspiration to those who need it. If I can pursue everything I’m passionate about, as well as helping myself and others around me grow, then I’m truly happy.


It took a few knocks in order to rebuild myself into the person I want to be. It took times of pausing, to see how far I have come and embraced the beauty that surrounded me when I was too busy zipping through ambitions, goals and to-do lists. One of the things that helped me the most with this is movement; when life got me into a spin, movement centred me. It also took some amazing souls who inspired me and picked me up when I needed it the most… and it’s taking a lot of self-love, self-worth, and intuition. Always a work-in-progress.


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